Continuity of Care and Communication


Continuity of care and effective communication with our patients throughout the course of their care is extremely important to the overall success of their treatment. We are a small, intimate practice with one doctor and a small but outstanding support staff. This is the model Dr. Crombie has always practiced under, and the way in which we intend to maintain it in the future. Most patients want personalized care and we believe that an intimate office setting is the best way to provide that.


We realize that comprehensive care involving cosmetics and many times dental implants may become a large investment initially. The cost of failures and re-do’s however is much more expensive, not only in dollars, but also in time, discomfort, aggravation, and of course tooth loss. Quality pays enormous returns over the long term, and you never really get a second chance at doing things right the first time. When making such an investment patients feel more confident knowing the same doctor will always be available and accessible during treatment as well as in the future for routine follow up care.


Once treatment is completed, meticulous follow-up and maintenance is imperative. We firmly believe that if the proper choices are made in restoring ones mouth, it can last a lifetime, without additional treatments needed. Simply providing excellent care and quality alone by themselves is not enough. Close monitoring through periodic hygiene visits and meticulous home care is essential in guaranteeing long term success of any procedure. This is the function and responsibility of our highly trained and experienced hygienists, as well as Dr. Crombie.

We want to assure that the investment that our patients have made provides them with a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth that lasts a lifetime.