Committment to Excellence


Our practice has always been committed to excellence at every point of contact with our patients. Dr. Crombie’s sole commitment has been providing only the absolute highest quality of dentistry available. While we feel that our dentistry is unsurpassed, it is just as important that all other aspects of providing care and service are outstanding as well. Meticulous sterilization procedures, utilization of Sterilox - a safe contamination-free water delivery system, accessibility of Dr. Crombie, office cleanliness and particular attention to our patient’s comfort, are all extremely important components of quality care.


We fully understand patient’s general dislike for dental procedures and we do everything we can to make it as comfortable as possible. We believe that providing comprehensive care is the only way to reduce or eliminate entirely, the overall amount of care needed in one’s lifetime. An unyielding commitment to quality, combined with a comprehensive approach, secures the fact that you will spend the least amount of time with the least amount of discomfort, and the least amount of financial burden over your lifetime.


A beautiful, stable, healthy mouth that lasts a lifetime is very much achievable when the proper choices are made.  Our goal has always been to consistently provide our patients with an outstanding experience from their very first visit, all the way through completion of their treatment and thereafter, in their follow up maintenance.