Practicing and adopting the philosophy of comprehensive dentistry, thereby solving multifaceted problems for patients well beyond routine dentistry at the inception of my career, has become a valuable asset today, 22 years later. Experience is paramount when treating complex problems. Our experience has provided the time necessary to fully understand the best course of treatment learned from long-term successes (and failures) of the past.


Dr. Crombie has been working with dental implants since their introduction into the U.S. over 20 years go. Dr. Crombie’s extensive experience with dental implants during that time has provided a wealth of knowledge that  is extremely valuable today when dental implants have become quite routine.


If you’re going to make an investment of time, money, and effort in restoring your mouth or acquiring a beautiful confident smile, you

want it to be completed right the first time and have it last as long as possible. One never really gets a second chance at achieving excellence. Experience is a key element that is absolutely essential in delivering a level of confidence to know what works in the long run and what does not.