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Implant Reconstruction

Brian, November 2002



The patients’ primary concern was just “getting some things fixed” as he was constantly having dental problems in the past. He assumed continual problems and failures were routine, and due to “just having bad teeth”. There is no such thing as “just bad teeth”, and long term stability is always achievable.



Complete reconstruction addressing the various causes of his continued breakdown and not just the symptoms. Implants, crowns and a nightly bruxism appliance were utilized. 



The patient had not sought cosmetics, but rather only a solution to his continual breakdown and numerous dental failures in the past.The cosmetics had merely developed, in that a properly designed functional scheme usually results in a pleasing smile as well. He has had no further breakdown since completion in 2005, and his only regret is that he had not done this 15 years earlier. 


Implant Surgery: Dr. Don Kalant  Oral Maxillofacial Surgery