Unique Challenges and Creative

Solutions Utilizing Implants


We have utilized implants very successfully as a part of our practice for over 21 years going back to when very few dentists had any knowledge regarding their use. Implants are not for every patient, and they are not for every dentist either. Experience, knowledge, a meticulous approach, and proper case selection, are imperative for success. Once all those criteria are satisfied, implants have proven to be an exceptional restorative tool offering a lifetime of service that could have otherwise never been achieved before.


• Single Anterior Implant Photos

• Single Anterior Implant Congenitally Missing Photos

 Single Anterior Implant Trauma Photos

• Posterior Implant Photos

• Implant Reconstruction - Brian, 2002, Photos

• Implant Reconstruction Cosmetic Photos

Implant Full Reconstruction Cosmetic Photos


Implant Dentistry

An Exceptional Technology


A Thorough Understanding of Our Patients’ Desires is Imperative to Achieving Successful Outcomes