Latest Proven Technologies


We utilize the best technologies available to produce the highest level of quality for our patients. Dr. Crombie and his staff have always been committed to advancing their knowledge and skill through advanced coursework and study. In order to keep pace with developing technologies and trends in the dental industry we have to have the ability to recognize which of those emerging technologies are sound and useful and which are not. Some technologies are directed at reducing costs to the practice, some are adopted for the sake of appearing to be high tech, while others have no relevance whatsoever in improving the actual quality of dentistry. There are many technologies however, that have greatly improved the level of care that we provide and which we simply could not do without.


Fine quality dentistry is dentistry that has a maximum lifespan, is more beautiful, is least invasive, and prevents further and continued breakdown. We only seek and utilize technologies that fulfill those criteria. Some of the technologies we utilize are: the Biolase Dental laser, digital radiography, digital imagery, digital photography, CT scan/CAD implant diagnostics, dental implants and all CAD ceramics.


The Biolase Dental Laser is utilized for various surgical procedures. The laser is very beneficial in that it virtually eliminates post-operative pain and swelling, which results in improved healing and significantly reduced healing time.


Digital radiography reduces patient radiation exposure by 90 percent over conventional x-rays. It allows immediate viewing with the ability to magnify for increased acuity and diagnostic accuracy. Digital radiographs are also easy to share and communicate with the various specialists we work with, which is an enormous benefit to the patient in reducing further exposure while providing effective communication amongst the specialists and Dr. Crombie.

Dr. Crombie uses digital photography extensively to diagnose, educate, critique our own work, and provide imaging in order to evaluate and determine multiple various treatment methods. Patients can see, in advance, what the outcome will be by utilizing various cosmetic procedures.

We utilize CT scans and CAD in three-dimension to determine the safe and precise placement of implants. This is an outstanding technology that significantly improves our diagnostic ability in determining the most efficacious location to place the implant within the bone for optimal success. This can be carried forward to CAD/CAM use of surgical guides that eliminates the need for more extensive surgery and the need for sutures at the implant site.  This virtually eliminates post-operative pain and discomfort and improves the healing process and potential.

The growth and success in implant technology has been the most significant impact on the way dentistry is practiced today. Dr.Crombie has been utilizing implants since the inception of his career, in Naperville, Ill., in 1990.


Today, implants have become routine and are the standard of care at this time, replacing treatments entirely that were acceptable 10 years ago, but no longer are. Dr.Crombie surgically places implants and the final restorations unto the implants. For more complex and demanding surgical cases we work closing with Dr. Don Kalant, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon, and Dr. Ian Elliot, Periodontics L.t.d, for surgical placement.


For many of our crowns we now utilize CAD all ceramic coppings, thereby eliminating the use of various gold alloys with porcelain, in certain cases. Gold is still utilized by our practice as it is still the best restorative material available. However, in the near future, gold may have very limited use as other technologies and materials continue to improve and surpass gold’s unique and highly desirable properties for dental use.