Meticulous Execution of Treatment


Once we fully understand what our patients are seeking, through careful examination and presentation of the findings, we then arrive at the necessary treatment plan to accomplish those goals. Treatment is well planned, very deliberate, and meticulously executed to accomplish the specific goals we have in mind for each patient and procedure.  This methodology ensures there are no surprises as to what a patient should expect the outcome to be.  


We are very attentive to our patient’s fears and do a number of things to alleviate or eliminate their fears entirely. We offer patients oral medications to ease any anxiety they may have, which usually occurs primarily at their first treatment visit. We have found that many patients, once they have experienced their first appointment, do not continue the use of oral meds at future visits. Dr. Crombie’s injection technique is unique in that our patients rarely feel any discomfort at all. It simply takes a little more time, care, and proper technique to provide that much more comfort for our patients.


Our treatment protocol is very organized and performed meticulously by Dr. Crombie and our highly trained and skillful staff. At the end of each visit, post-operative instructions are always given and we take the time to answer any questions a patient may have concerning the procedure. Dr. Crombie is always available by cell phone after hours should unexpected complications arise.