Multidisciplinary Treatment Utilizing Outstanding Specialists


In order to maintain our unyielding commitment to quality in our office, we refer to specialists at times for more demanding, highly specialized and complex procedures. We believe it’s impossible for one doctor to have the supreme ability to consistently provide the absolute highest level of care available for every possible procedure and situation across the dental and implant surgical spectrum.


We have worked and communicated very closely with a small group of specialists over the course of history of our practice. The specialists we have chosen to work with have proven to be exemplars in each of their individual fields. When working with a specialist we are very attentive to communicating as to why the patient is being referred and what our expectations are for the outcome of the referral.


We work together as a team with Dr. Crombie taking the lead role. We believe it’s imperative for us to take the lead in order to seamlessly integrate the specialist’s role in the treatment plan for our patients. This guidance maintains the continuity and progress of the overall patient care. The utilization of specialists, combined with effective coordination of treatment, is the only way that we believe we can consistently offer the highest level of quality care to our patients.