Own Laboratory and Complex Problem Solving


Our practice is very unique in that we fabricate the majority of our crowns and restorations by utilizing our own laboratory within our office. Dr. Crombie takes part in the critical steps of the fabrication process himself, and we  employ our own ceramist, Urszala Londrie. Urszala is an extremely talented and artistic ceramist with over 25 years of experience. Her talents provide us with the opportunity to not only produce very precise ceramic restorations, but also very beautiful crowns and veneers; a luxury unavailable to 98% of U.S. practices. All of our laboratory work is completed utilizing fixed microscopes.


The primary reason for having our own laboratory is that it consistently guarantees the highest level of quality for all of our crowns and restorations. The cost of utilizing our own laboratory is more than double what the average practice pays to outsource to commercial labs. Today, with more practices having their lab work done in China, it equates to an even higher disparity in cost and quality. We feel that the added cost is very much worth it. We don’t place any material or complete any procedure we would not want in the mouths of our family members or ourselves.


There are other advantages to having our own laboratory within our office beyond managing precision and material use. Having the talents of Urszala Londrie affords the patient and our practice the luxury of matching difficult tooth shades right within our office without having to go to an outside laboratory. Communicating color precisely is extremely difficult and many times is impossible without having the individual fabricating and adjusting color on site.


Solving challenging and complex restorative issues confidently is another advantage of having our own laboratory. When facing complex issues which are usually aesthetic in nature, creativity and resourcefulness are paramount in resolving these unique conditions.


Over the course of our practice we have treated many complicated and otherwise impossible situations. Most of these cases came to us specifically because other practices were unable to manage such complicated cases. Experience and having the unique luxury and resources available from having our own laboratory, has allowed us to face these challenges and very creatively provide long lasting aesthetic solutions.