Temporary Crowns



Patients are sometimes concerned about the appearance of their temporary crowns while the permanent crowns are being fabricated.



Our Temporary crowns are very specifically created to look outstanding, feel perfectly comfortable, and remain absolutely secure for the duration of the fabrication process. These are some examples of our temporary crowns.



In every one of our cosmetic cases, the temporaries are primarily used to “test drive” your new look and feel. We have a “Provisional (temporary) Critique” appointment in which they’re photographed and critiqued by the patient and Dr. Crombie. If there are changes or dislikes they’re addressed prior to the completion of the definitive treatment. The provisionals then become the blueprint for the fabrication of the definitive crowns or veneers. Our method in treating cosmetics in this manner takes a little longer but is extremely important, in that it guarantees our patients receive exactly what want.