Patients are Seen on Time


Everyone’s time is important. We pride ourselves on the fact that over the course of our practice we have consistently maintained an outstanding reputation for seeing our patient’s right at their appointed time. Our previous patients can attest to our longstanding commitment to timely appointments. We feel that if a patient takes the time out of their schedule to see us at a specified time, then we certainly owe it to them to be respectful of their time.


Staying on time requires organization and a clear understanding of the time necessary to complete a particular procedure. A thorough examination allows us to determine exactly the amount of time needed for each procedure. Everything we do is deliberate and planned properly, and we don’t try anything in our office nor add additional treatment at the last minute. We do not overbook, never take shortcuts, and we don’t squeeze things in. Many times we will see only one or two patients in an entire day. This allows us to complete more complex and cosmetically demanding procedures more efficiently with personalized and undivided attention that these types of cases demand. Proper treatment in a timely manner requires attention to detail, patience and organization.


We do experience emergencies occasionally and we try to accommodate them without any interruption to our currently scheduled patients. When emergencies do arise, they are all handled expeditiously and in the timely manner our patients expect.


There are procedures that are sometimes unpredictable in length. We understand what those procedures are, and make accommodations specifically for them by scheduling those as our last patient of the day. Not having an appointment following, allows us to simply stay a little later to finish. There is no rushing, no stress and the procedure is completed properly as it should be. We take time management very seriously as it is imperative to maintaining a stress free environment for all.